Axial flow

Streamlined flow path through full-port expanded body avoids turbulence and prevents erosion and vibration. Process downtime and maintenance costs are eliminated.

Low pressure loss

The full opening flow passage and high-pressure recovery of the venturi-shaped body result in very low pressure loss: reduced operating cost of pumps and compressors.

Tight shut-off

Tight shut-off is obtained by means of metal-to-metal sealing between the disc and the seat. This sealing is not affected by erosion and deformation of material (like with a soft seal).

Low cracking pressure

The stability of a compressor system during startup benefits from a low cracking pressure. This is achieved with a large disc that has identical effective pressure areas on both sides (line contact sealing).

Easy opening and stable operation

The low static pressure in the venturi-shaped throat area creates a pressure differential over the disc, resulting in easy opening. The axial check valve responds smoothly to changes in flow and remains stable when it is supposed to be.

Non-slam operation

The spring-assisted design ensures ultra-fast closing with virtually no backflow and pressure surges in critical applications such as multi-pump systems or LNG trains.

Maintenance free

Internal construction is based on the application of sound basic mechanical engineering principles. Consequently, Mokveld axial check valves do not require any maintenance.

Reliable performance prediction

Both the pressure drop and the dynamic behaviour can be predicted with great accuracy, based on full-scale laboratory flow tests and a mathematical model developed in cooperation with a recognized fluid hydraulics laboratory.