Quick response

The high-capacity proportional pilot design allows fast response to surge pressure. This results in a prompt return to stable pressure conditions.

High capacity

The capacity of the axial surge relief valve is extremely high: 50-100% increase compared with a conventional globe valve. Consequently, reduced valve size can be selected.

Unique TVM®

Total Velocity Management® concept: intelligent valve design that carefully manages fluid velocity in all areas of the valve.

No external energy

The pilot-type design eliminates the necessity for an expensive skid-mounted system with nitrogen bottles and associated temperature-compensating devices.

Low maintenance

Due to the absence of any external power supply such as nitrogen, maintenance is reduced to the bare minimum, making the valve ideal for remote or inaccessible locations.


Pilot and surge valve designs are based on simplicity. All components are field-proven to provide maximum protection reliability. They operate solely on fluid static pressure.

Stable operation

The design of the pilot incorporates a snap-acting opening that operates when the set pressure is reached and automatic switching to control in the event of continuing high-pressure conditions.